Before we get into some adventures we’d love for you to meet the Discover Earth Team! Here at Discover Earth, our primary goal is to discover beautiful places on earth and to share our experiences through our own unique lens. However, we do more than just share videos and photographs. We are also here to advocate ways to preserve nature and encourage our audience to develop a more eco-friendly way of living. 

Behind one of the largest adventure pages on Instagram, is our dedicated team. We have used our years of experience in the industry to create an agency that is all about creating and sharing valuable content for our audience and our clients. We like to think we are living proof of the power behind the passion of communication merging with a love of nature, adventure, photography and film. 

Take a look at the team behind the content you love on Discover Earth. 

Robin Finger 

Robin Finger is a young Swiss serial entrepreneur with a passion for hacking the social media algorithm. With over 5.5 million followers on Instagram, 5.3M followers on TikTok in one year, and over 200k impressions a month on Pinterest, it’s safe to say that Robin has a true understanding of the ins and outs of social media.

Robin Finger

Robin founded his first startup, a Social Media Agency, at the age of 22. The Agency went on to be a global success and Robin went on to work with international brands such as: Porsche, IWC Watches, Kempinski Hotels, Frederique Constant and some of the biggest festivals in Switzerland. Four years in, the Agency grew audiences from 1M to 12M followers on social media.

Robin later went on to help brands launching new products on e-commerce and with the power of social media, he now also supports wildlife organizations for endangered animals. Just a few months into his wildlife endeavor, Robin raised over $65,000 for endangered animals in need. 

More recently, Robin united with three close friends to help transform Discover Earth into an even larger global brand. 

Arvin Finger

One of these three close friends that came together is Arvin Finger (He also happens to be Robin’s brother). A photographer, art director and explorer, Arvin is dedicated to bringing the artistic flare to Discover Earth that so many followers love. 

Arvin Finger

Arvin loves traveling so he can learn about new cultures, try new cuisine and explore the most magical places on earth—and he believes that these places need to be seen in person. Arvin has a passion for nature and is inspired to explore and capture images from around the globe. He wants to inspire people to help preserve these wild places so that they can stay beautiful.

Using his vast understanding of social media, Arvin hopes to expand his reach and help even more people develop a passion for protecting our planet. 

Robin Vaneberg

Robin Vaneberg is a partner and managing Director at Discover Earth and is driven to share his love for travel with others around the globe. Robin spent his childhood in Madagascar and moved to Switzerland at the age of 10, and spent much of his childhood traveling the world. 

Robin Vaneberg

His upbringing taught Robin lessons about culture, respect and human relations and helped him develop a passion for travel. Today, Robin is driven to create things that have meaning and purpose. He uses his “entrepreneurial soul” to push him to innovate, do better and develop a passion for storytelling through image. 

This drive has allowed Robin to travel the world and work with creative talents around the globe while customizing professional experiences for his clients. 

Dhaval Patel

With a longstanding career in marketing, Dhaval brings a passion for helping others reach their goals through marketing strategies, content and social media development. His two greatest passions in life are writing and photography and he loves using words and images to inspire others.

dhaval patel

Dhaval’s constant curiosity about the world eventually lead him to photography. Dhaval specializes in landscape photography focusing on capturing surreal landscapes from around the globe and sharing them with Discover Earth’s followers. He uses his passion to spread his appreciation for nature and to share content that inspires people to love, care about and preserve our planet.

If you have any questions for the Discover Earth Team feel free to contact us !

Robin Hood

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