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Adventurer's Paradise in Wadi Rum, Jordan

  • GPS location: 29° -32' -52.12"N 35° -26' -3.83"E
  • Best time to travel : Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November)
  • Spoken language : Arabic

To describe the sensory experience of Wadi Rum, Jordan will require you to suspend a substantial amount of disbelief. How an area so terrestrial could have such a Martian feel to it can make you wonder about your origin as you feast your eyes upon the cliff formations from the valley where you stand. What initially appears to be a slightly heightened plateau from a distance reveals itself to be a monolithic feat of Earth’s naturally proficient engineering. Panorama from the depth of your vantage point will seem endless, but you’ll also feel small without feeling insignificant. The vast expanse of the scenery will swallow you whole, but you’ll know right where you are. Red sand will sink beneath your feet on the inclines, but you will feel so deeply rooted that you won’t be worried about sinking.

Rock Climbing

If your calf muscles are eager for a challenge, then you’re in luck. Rock formations jut out of the ground in a multitude of formations; inclines range from a gradual climb to cliffs at a sharp 90 degree angle. From whatever skill level you may be, you can feast your eyes at the glory and splendor of Wadi Rum from above, whatever the climb of your choosing may be. Endless horizons will make you question your own senses as you try to calculate the vastness of it all.

Wadi Rum photographed by Lior Dahan
Wadi Rum photographed by Lior Dahan

The Desert Sky

You might find yourself wandering through the desert using the sun as your compass, only to be met with streaks of cumulus clouds that trail off endlessly. Sure, you’re oh so far away from your hometown's annual carnival, but the delicate precipitous ballet soaring above you reminds you of cotton candy from the fairgrounds of your youth. You try to reach out and grab a piece, but you know it’s impossible. Silly as this may seem, you can’t blame yourself for trying.

Memories Aicha Luxury Camp photographed by Qais (@qais.visuals)
Memories Aicha Luxury Camp photographed by Qais (@qais.visuals)

Hotels from Mars

The lodging options in Wadi Rum transcend what you might be used to in more conventional settings, but the accommodations will not let you down. You’ll be led to believe that you’re bunking at a space station on Mars in comparison to your usual inland hotel. Often referred to as “star pods,”  “bubble tents,” or “martian domes,” these hotels allow you to sleep under the stars and take in the desert sky as the world cools down, but with the comfort of modern amenities that allow you to find comfort in your preferred climate.

Memories Aicha Luxury Camp photographed by Vanessa (@vanessawild93)
Memories Aicha Luxury Camp photographed by Vanessa (@vanessawild93)

A New Perspective

While Wadi Rum is off the beaten path, the beauty of the landscapes and rock formations will humble you. The peaks and valleys silhouetted against the sky will resemble the EKG that keeps your pulse beating steadily. The endless skies will make you feel small until the soil beneath you reminds you of how grounded you actually are. Whether you are traveling to stargaze, to climb, or to just get lost, you will find a depth within yourself that was previously unknown.

Wadi Rum, Jordan photographed by Karol Nienartowicz (@karolnienartowicz)
Wadi Rum, Jordan photographed by Karol Nienartowicz (@karolnienartowicz)

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